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Car Servicing Loddon

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We are proud to offer an extensive range of MOT and service packages on site here in Loddon, Norfolk. Our team have a wealth of experience servicing and maintaining all vehicles to the highest standards. We understand that no one likes the unexpected, that’s why we provide clear communication and transparent pricing on of all our services. And, for the ultimate convenience all our services are bookable online.

MOT and Service Packages

Our technicians use the latest computerised technology to service and diagnose all types of vehicles. We offer expert servicing and repairs on your vehicle, whatever make or model. Our servicing work and the parts we supply are guaranteed, and using the very latest diagnostics, you can be certain of the highest standard of care for your vehicle. We are also delighted to be able to offer Class 4 and Class 7 MOTs in our new MOT centre in Loddon. Our Class 7 MOT bay in Loddon has state of the art equipment to handle all vehicles up to 3500 KG. We also offer discounted prices when your MOT and Service is booked together online.

MOT (Class 4) & Essential Service

5% off when you book your Class 4 MOT & Essential Service together

MOT (Class 4) & Full Service

5% off when you book your Class 4 MOT & Full Service together

Essential Service

This includes engine oil change and oil filter; Top-ups of all fluids; Brakes, steering and other safety checks. Also, Visual checks of tyre treads and pressures, lights, indicators, mirrors, and wipers; Lubrication of hinges / catches. And finally – Environmental checks – pollen filter and exhaust; Vehicle Health Check with personalised technician video.

Full Service

This option includes all items from an ESSENTIAL Service, plus: Replacement of Air Filter; Replacement of Cabin Filter; Battery check; Inspection of the Air Conditioning System; Complimentary wash & vac.

Diagnostic Scan

If you have a warning light on your dashboard (such as an engine management light, airbag light, ABS / Traction control light, TPMS light) and you’re not sure what it means, this is the option for you. Don’t waste hundreds of pounds at a main dealership… we can scan your vehicle, reset the light and give you a printout of any codes that may be stored in your cars ECU’s.

3D Laser Wheel Alignment

At Walters Motor Group we have facilities for 3D laser wheel alignment so that your vehicle’s alignment (caster, camber and toe) can be optimised in line with your vehicle manufacturer’s specification. Your wheels become misaligned over time due to potholes, speed bumps and hitting kerbs, and re-aligning them prevents excess tyre wear, therefore saving you money. As well as maximising tyre life accurate wheel alignment ensures the safe handling of your vehicle. To make an appointment please use our online booking service.

Air Conditioning Regas

Recharge the air conditioning system on vehicles with R134a gas.

Professional Valeting

A professional valet, comprising of a wash, interior and exterior cleaning, and a hand polish. Additional extras available including Professional Machine Polishing / Buffing for those more stubborn scratches that have not pierced the lacquer.

Diamondbrite Paint & Fabric Protection

To keep your vehicle looking great, we can apply a professional 2-stage paint & fabric protection with a lifetime of ownership guarantee and a Diamondbrite care pack. This two-layer nano-ceramic protection adds an invisible barrier to your cars paintwork. In addition to this, the interior fabrics are also protected against dirt, liquids, and other issues such as animal hair making cleaning easy. Before application, your vehicle must be in a clean, valeted state. Select our Professional Valeting and Machine Polishing options if you require your vehicle to be fully prepared prior to application.